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Q.   Is my online purchase secure? A.   Yes.  We use Pay Pal, the secure payment processor to millions of Ebay users.   Q.  How long after purchasing will it take to set up my hosting site? A.  Usually within one business day.  However, on average, we will have you set up within two to three business hours of receiving the payment confirmation from Pay Pal. Q.   When is payment due? A.    A payment is due at the date of sign-up then on the anniversary of that date. Q.   What happens if I have a late payment? A.    A late payment fee of $15.00 is charged if payment is not received within 10 days of annual billing. Q.    Is there a grace period before my site is suspended? A.     There is a 20 day grace period.  If payment has not been received during that period, your site will be suspended pending the receipt of your payment.   Q.    What happens if my site is suspended? A.    You will be charged a re-connection fee of $40.00 plus the outstanding Annual Bill, plus the late fee of $15.00
Frequently Asked Questions
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